Monday, August 16, 2010

Rumor - Characters Meelo and Wei Bei in Series?

Is this Meelo?
The first character we'll (I'll) be discussing is Meelo. He's the happy-Sokka looking guy in the bottom of the picture. Since this is a rumor we don't have any facts about him, or if he'll even end up in the show. But studying the picture, there are a few things that jump out.

  • He seems like a happy-go-lucky feller, with that smile and peace sign. 
  • He also looks to me like a student to me, with the collar shirt.
  • Meelo has a slight scar on his right eyebrow (our left)

    DJSauceda (who seems like a legit voice actor) tweeted about auditioning for Meelo. Doesn't reveal much, except confirm the character.

    The tweet

    Wei Bei 
    Next up is Wei Bei. We know even less about Wei Bei than Meelo. No pictures, no confirmation that he even exists. The only thing we can latch on to is this lone tweet.

    Are You Trying To Deceive Me?
    These are the only two tweets on this guys twitter page. Also, nothing about his name, Greg Chavel, brings up anything related to acting. This could easily be nothing, just some guy making stuff up in the hopes of becoming famous. Sad face.

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