Sunday, August 1, 2010

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - What We Know

Offical Concept Art of Korra Standing in Front of the Republican City

 So this post is for people who know nothing about what Avatar: The Legend of Korra is. I'll keep to only what's been officially confirmed, just to keep it simple

  1. This is a Spinoff to Avatar: The Last Airbender
Not a direct sequel. While this show takes place in the same world as the first series did, it is set 70 years after the first series ended. It also has a new protagonist. Which leads us to point two...

     2. Korra is the new Avatar
And she's a girl! The press release describes her as "hot-headed, independent and ready to take on the world," and "passionate, rebellious and fearless". So basically Toph and Katara mashed together into one kickass Avatar.

Korra is a waterbender and has already mastered three of the elements: water, earth and fire. Now, she just has to master air (kind of the opposite of the original series, huh?) "But wait!" You cry. Who can teach Korra airbending if Aang was the last airbender? Point three may know...

     3. Aang Had a Son, Tenzin
Who just happens to be a airbender. So far so good. But what about that epic concept art? Where is Korra standing, and what's that city? Just ask point four.

    4. The Republican City is the Epicenter of the World
Basically, it's the new Ba Sing Se. The city is filled with crime, and it's Korra's job to help the city. But that's too easy, we need real conflict.We need...point five.

    5. There's a Anti-Bending Movement Gaining Momentum
For so long, benders and non-benders have lived in peace. Just look at Sokka with Aang, Jet with Katara, Iroh with everyone (because he's that awesome). But now, a rebellion is on the raise. Non-Benders are starting to lash out against their bending brothers. And after all they've been through together!

So that's the gist of this crazy new plot. The show will televise on Nickelodeon and will be created by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko (the makers of the original series). So far, this all sounds really promising. Here's hoping for an epic series.

Note: If you want a super large version of the concept art at the top of this post, just follow this link:
Concept Art (emphasis on the super large part!)

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