Sunday, August 1, 2010

It begins...

Hello bloggers, welcome to Korra Nation! I set up a welcome mat, just so you're sure to feel at home. *trumpets blare*

An Introduction
Hey, I'm Luke, owner of this establishment. I've decided to start a blog about Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Why? Because I loved the original Avatar series, and am super excited for Legend of Korra! Plus, everyone needs to have a blog they can call their own. It's practically like a rite of passage.

The Fate of the World (okay, just this blog)
 I'm not really sure what this blog is going to be yet. I originally got the idea for a blog on reviewing Legend of Korra episodes,but with the series launching in 2011 that's a ways off. Right now I'm thinking about posting news, rumors, and such. Basically, tid-bits of information about our lead lady, Korra.

Your Heart On Your Sleeves
One request that I have for you readers is to make use of those reaction buttons on the bottom of each and every post.
You know, the ones that say "Great Post", "Decent", and "Useless!". These help me get some feedback on the what I post, along with comments. And with feedback, comes more great posts, and less useless ones.
I'm Off
That about wraps up my introduction post. Hope to see you around the blog as we wait for the Avatar to return to Nickelodeon.

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