Monday, August 30, 2010

Interview - Dee Bradley Baker on... Journey of Korra?!?

Dee Bradley Baker in all his glory
Last post it was confirmed that Dee Bradley Baker is working on the new Avatar series. Now, an interview with him has popped up on Wired. He talks about his part on Avatar briefly,and a lot of interesting tid-bits show up. Think he's only good for making animal noises? Think again.

The Legend Journey of Korra (?!)
Name change? In the interview, Dee casually says he is working on the new series... The Journey of Korra.

"And the name of the series is The Last Airbender: The Journey of Korra – and my daughter’s name is Cora."

Is it just a simple slip of the tongue, or is this actually the new name? I like it a little better than "Legend", though it's sad to see the "Avatar" title going. Screw you James Cameron!! (:p) It could also be just a region name, like how the original Avatar series was called Avatar: The Legend of Aang in some countries.

Flashbacks Are Back
Dee also confirmed that Korra will have her own flashback.

"Well, the new Avatar, they put out an audition and they wanted a flashback for the younger Avatar – who is now a girl – from when she was this little fireball five-year-old. I had my 10-year-old audition for it, and it was just two sentences.."

Fireball five-year old? Confirmed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sifu Kisu Is Working On The Legend of Korra - Kickass Fights (basically) Confirmed!

Sifu Kisu, in all his epic epicness
Yeah! New news today! has confirmed that Sifu Kisu, the martial arts instructor, will be making a return to help with Avatar: The Legend of Korra. He's the guy who's responsible for making all those fights in Avatar realistic and awesome.

Here's the source, which confirms a lot of other workers too.
Sifu Kisu Back in Action for Legend of Korra, Plus Others

The article also says that Dee Bradley Baker is confirmed as a voice actor on Korra. If you haven't memorized the credits, he is the voice of Appa, Momo and all the other adorable creatures on Avatar. Bosco anyone?

On a Side Note
This isn't related to the article, or even Legend of Korra. But I just wanted to announce that soon, I'll be putting up articles looking back at the original Avatar series. I've been re-watching them in preparation for Legend of Korra. So look forward to that (or not) coming soon!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rumor - Characters Meelo and Wei Bei in Series?

Is this Meelo?
The first character we'll (I'll) be discussing is Meelo. He's the happy-Sokka looking guy in the bottom of the picture. Since this is a rumor we don't have any facts about him, or if he'll even end up in the show. But studying the picture, there are a few things that jump out.

  • He seems like a happy-go-lucky feller, with that smile and peace sign. 
  • He also looks to me like a student to me, with the collar shirt.
  • Meelo has a slight scar on his right eyebrow (our left)

    DJSauceda (who seems like a legit voice actor) tweeted about auditioning for Meelo. Doesn't reveal much, except confirm the character.

    The tweet

    Wei Bei 
    Next up is Wei Bei. We know even less about Wei Bei than Meelo. No pictures, no confirmation that he even exists. The only thing we can latch on to is this lone tweet.

    Are You Trying To Deceive Me?
    These are the only two tweets on this guys twitter page. Also, nothing about his name, Greg Chavel, brings up anything related to acting. This could easily be nothing, just some guy making stuff up in the hopes of becoming famous. Sad face.

      Wednesday, August 4, 2010

      News - Only twelve episodes?

      Andrea Ramano drops the bomb
      Sad news today. As stated earlier, The Legend of Korra will be a mini-series. Nickelodeon has not yet officially announced how many episodes that will be, but the number looks to be… 12.


      ToonZone - Interview
      “TZN: Will Aang in any way be in the series?
      ANDREA ROMANO: I don’t know how much of the series I’m allowed to tell you, but that whole generation has died. It’s the next generation. So it’s really cool. It’s the same producers. It’s the same brilliant attention to detail and I’m very excited. Right now we are just making twelve of them and we’ll see what happens.

      Avatar Spirit
      “Update: The Legend of Korra is a 12-episode miniseries set 70 years after ATLA about Korra, the next female Avatar after Aang.

      Let's Put That in Perspective
      • The Ba Sing Se saga took up 8 episodes (“The Drill” through "The Crossroads of Destiny")
      • Avatar: The Last Airbender seasons were 20 episodes each
      • Twelve 30 minute episodes equal 6 hours of television (about 4 hours and 30 minutes when you take out commercial time)
      While that’s not a full season of Avatar goodness, it’s something. And remember how awesome the Ba Sing Se saga was? Just think of Korra like that (since they’re both set in a large city). Except with 4 more awesome episodes!

      Monday, August 2, 2010

      Great Interview From Comic-Con

      I found a great interview from Comic-Con to the creators of the series. It contains lots of juicy tidbits of information. I highly recommend reading the full interview here:

      Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

      Cabbage Merchant’s Legacy Will Live On

      Unfortunately, the beloved cabbage merchant (“My cabbages!!!”) will not be in the series. But, his image of crazed merchants will live on in one form or another. Good deal.

      Katara and Aang Totally Did It!
      Yep, it’s confirmed. Katara’s the mother of Tenzin, Aang’s son. I wonder how old he’ll be in the series? And with that the final nail goes in the Zutara coffin. Yippie!

      But back to Katara, and the fact that she gave birth. If Tenzin’s around Korra’s age (which seems likely) then Katara would have given birth when she was… 67?! That can’t be right. Expect a full post on this development soon.

      No Filler Episodes

      And Michael and Bryan are writing all the episodes too! Great right? Here’s the problem. Avatar: The Legend of Korra is a mini-series. I’m not sure what exactly that means, but don’t expect this show to go on for three seasons. Hopefully we’ll get a solid season worth of material at least.

      "As a mini-series, it's going to be really tight.  While we really love the filler episodes, those are some of our favorites, this thing is just lean and mean.  It's a really cool driving story." Micheal and Bryan.

      As I said before, I highly recommend reading the full thing. It’s not an actual interview, but the author does write down everything he learned. Very informative.

      Sunday, August 1, 2010

      Avatar: The Legend of Korra - What We Know

      Offical Concept Art of Korra Standing in Front of the Republican City

       So this post is for people who know nothing about what Avatar: The Legend of Korra is. I'll keep to only what's been officially confirmed, just to keep it simple

      1. This is a Spinoff to Avatar: The Last Airbender
      Not a direct sequel. While this show takes place in the same world as the first series did, it is set 70 years after the first series ended. It also has a new protagonist. Which leads us to point two...

           2. Korra is the new Avatar
      And she's a girl! The press release describes her as "hot-headed, independent and ready to take on the world," and "passionate, rebellious and fearless". So basically Toph and Katara mashed together into one kickass Avatar.

      Korra is a waterbender and has already mastered three of the elements: water, earth and fire. Now, she just has to master air (kind of the opposite of the original series, huh?) "But wait!" You cry. Who can teach Korra airbending if Aang was the last airbender? Point three may know...

           3. Aang Had a Son, Tenzin
      Who just happens to be a airbender. So far so good. But what about that epic concept art? Where is Korra standing, and what's that city? Just ask point four.

          4. The Republican City is the Epicenter of the World
      Basically, it's the new Ba Sing Se. The city is filled with crime, and it's Korra's job to help the city. But that's too easy, we need real conflict.We need...point five.

          5. There's a Anti-Bending Movement Gaining Momentum
      For so long, benders and non-benders have lived in peace. Just look at Sokka with Aang, Jet with Katara, Iroh with everyone (because he's that awesome). But now, a rebellion is on the raise. Non-Benders are starting to lash out against their bending brothers. And after all they've been through together!

      So that's the gist of this crazy new plot. The show will televise on Nickelodeon and will be created by Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko (the makers of the original series). So far, this all sounds really promising. Here's hoping for an epic series.

      Note: If you want a super large version of the concept art at the top of this post, just follow this link:
      Concept Art (emphasis on the super large part!)

      It begins...

      Hello bloggers, welcome to Korra Nation! I set up a welcome mat, just so you're sure to feel at home. *trumpets blare*

      An Introduction
      Hey, I'm Luke, owner of this establishment. I've decided to start a blog about Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Why? Because I loved the original Avatar series, and am super excited for Legend of Korra! Plus, everyone needs to have a blog they can call their own. It's practically like a rite of passage.

      The Fate of the World (okay, just this blog)
       I'm not really sure what this blog is going to be yet. I originally got the idea for a blog on reviewing Legend of Korra episodes,but with the series launching in 2011 that's a ways off. Right now I'm thinking about posting news, rumors, and such. Basically, tid-bits of information about our lead lady, Korra.

      Your Heart On Your Sleeves
      One request that I have for you readers is to make use of those reaction buttons on the bottom of each and every post.
      You know, the ones that say "Great Post", "Decent", and "Useless!". These help me get some feedback on the what I post, along with comments. And with feedback, comes more great posts, and less useless ones.
      I'm Off
      That about wraps up my introduction post. Hope to see you around the blog as we wait for the Avatar to return to Nickelodeon.
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