Wednesday, August 4, 2010

News - Only twelve episodes?

Andrea Ramano drops the bomb
Sad news today. As stated earlier, The Legend of Korra will be a mini-series. Nickelodeon has not yet officially announced how many episodes that will be, but the number looks to be… 12.


ToonZone - Interview
“TZN: Will Aang in any way be in the series?
ANDREA ROMANO: I don’t know how much of the series I’m allowed to tell you, but that whole generation has died. It’s the next generation. So it’s really cool. It’s the same producers. It’s the same brilliant attention to detail and I’m very excited. Right now we are just making twelve of them and we’ll see what happens.

Avatar Spirit
“Update: The Legend of Korra is a 12-episode miniseries set 70 years after ATLA about Korra, the next female Avatar after Aang.

Let's Put That in Perspective
  • The Ba Sing Se saga took up 8 episodes (“The Drill” through "The Crossroads of Destiny")
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender seasons were 20 episodes each
  • Twelve 30 minute episodes equal 6 hours of television (about 4 hours and 30 minutes when you take out commercial time)
While that’s not a full season of Avatar goodness, it’s something. And remember how awesome the Ba Sing Se saga was? Just think of Korra like that (since they’re both set in a large city). Except with 4 more awesome episodes!

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