Monday, August 30, 2010

Interview - Dee Bradley Baker on... Journey of Korra?!?

Dee Bradley Baker in all his glory
Last post it was confirmed that Dee Bradley Baker is working on the new Avatar series. Now, an interview with him has popped up on Wired. He talks about his part on Avatar briefly,and a lot of interesting tid-bits show up. Think he's only good for making animal noises? Think again.

The Legend Journey of Korra (?!)
Name change? In the interview, Dee casually says he is working on the new series... The Journey of Korra.

"And the name of the series is The Last Airbender: The Journey of Korra – and my daughter’s name is Cora."

Is it just a simple slip of the tongue, or is this actually the new name? I like it a little better than "Legend", though it's sad to see the "Avatar" title going. Screw you James Cameron!! (:p) It could also be just a region name, like how the original Avatar series was called Avatar: The Legend of Aang in some countries.

Flashbacks Are Back
Dee also confirmed that Korra will have her own flashback.

"Well, the new Avatar, they put out an audition and they wanted a flashback for the younger Avatar – who is now a girl – from when she was this little fireball five-year-old. I had my 10-year-old audition for it, and it was just two sentences.."

Fireball five-year old? Confirmed.

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